Empowering Tomorrow's Safety. Today.

Arkan Safety Institute isn't just another HSE training provider.

Arkan Safety Institute is a qualitative institute that relies on a qualified and highly efficient work team to provide safety awareness in general and road safety awareness in particular, using the latest innovative methods, taking into account the latest technology findings in raising the culture of security and safety.

We cooperate with leading institutions in this field and innovate solutions to meet the safety and training needs of Qatar Energy and the various energy, building and construction sectors and the rest of the local and regional market.

Arkan Safety Institute is a 100% Qatari company. We are proud to rely on local talent and believe in the importance of sustainable community service.

The Akan Safety Institute seeks to connect young people with the traffic awareness program to create a conscious generation that participates in reducing simple and serious traffic accidents that lead to the loss of life.


We adopt modern technology to enhance the training experience, incorporating interactive 3D animations and comprehensive visuals for effective learning.


Arkan is the only HSE institute in Qatar that designs, develops and deploys its own 3D animation-based, self-paced, e-learning courses, enabling us to meet specific needs and to cater to large-scale requirements.


We implement an internal system to make effective decisions, comply with the law, and meet clients' needs. Our strong governance will build trust with external stakeholders, increasing our chances of being awarded access, approvals, and licenses for growth.

Technical Innovation

Custom-made, 3D animations with questions and answers to engage trainees with short and clear concepts and interactive content. This modern and engaging approach to training is more effective and flexible, and much less tedious than traditional methods.

Social responsibility

A profit-with-purpose organization that’s part of a larger community development ecosystem (QF). We will collaborate with QSTP and other QF entities to establish and support significant, sustainable and results-driven social responsibility programs.

The Arkan Advantage

At our company, we have an in-house team dedicated to developing e-learning and interactive courses. This approach allows us to cater more effectively to the specific needs of our clients. Rather than simply reselling pre-existing content, we take a customized approach to produce locally-relevant materials that address relevant hazards, environmental conditions, and other factors that may impact our clients. This includes developing content in different languages to ensure accessibility and maximize the effectiveness of our training programs. By creating tailored content that is relevant to the unique needs of our clients, we are able to provide high-quality training that can lead to improved performance and increased safety in the workplace.

Let's build a safer future, together.

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